Online Experience

On this page, we want to tell you more about our Online Experience for FOSS Backstage 2023 — what we are offering, the program and features we have prepared for you and what you can do on the platform apart from watching the talks. As we return to a two day onsite conference this year, our online event will run in parallel on both days.


Experience FOSS Backstage remotely!

Our goal at FOSS Backstage is to bring people together to discuss all things related to open source community, governance, and compliance. To make #fossback accessible to people around the world, and provide an opportunity for participation without the need to travel, we are offering an affordable Online Only Ticket for only 39,00 €, which you can buy in the ticket shop on the bottom of this page.

In keeping with our commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity, we are also offering Diversity Online Tickets. To learn more about our Diversity Ticket Program, simply visit our dedicated page.

Two days with exciting workshops, talks and podcasts!

Our online platform Venueless is the central hub for the FOSS Backstage online experience. It runs seamlessly in your Browser without the need to install any additional software. On Venueless, you will find the live streams of our stages during the conference. This year, we will have two stages onsite in Berlin, which will also be live streamed online, and one purely online stage.

On the first day of FOSS Backstage, we will host two exclusive workshops online, and on the second day, we will welcome our remote speakers to the virtual stage. You can find more information on our workshops and speakers in our schedule.

As an online participant, you will be able to ask the onsite speakers questions using our Q&A tool. We will also provide a moderated spatial chat where you can move around in an virtual environment and initiate audio or video chats with other participants of FOSS Backstage.

Last but not least, we will again be hosting a podcast stage at FOSS Backstage, featuring conversations with interesting speakers and participants of the conference, which will be live streamed online. Stay tuned for more updates about the podcast stage while we finalize planning for FOSS Backstage 2023!



2 days online experience, 2 live streams, 1 online stage, 1 podcast stage, workshops & talks, networking & live Q&A

Our remote workshops

This year we are offering remote workshops at FOSS Backstage, giving our online participants the opportunity to actively participate in an interactive session online.  The remote workshops are hosted on our online event platform Venueless on the first day of the conference. We are looking forward to see you there!

Jim Hall - Writing open source documentation

Monday, March 3rd, 14:00 - 15:00 CET
Source code is only part of a successful open source project. Before people can use your program, they need to know how to run it. Before others can contribute to your project, they need to know how it works. That means good open source projects need to have great documentation. In this workshop, we’ll learn about how to write good documentation. From how to arrange elements so your audience can read the documentation more easily, to how to proofread and edit your documentation. Your project documentation will shine after attending this workshop.

Nathan Schneider - Designing you Governance with CommunityRule

Monday, March 3rd, 15:30 - 16:30 CET
Too many of our communities adopt default governance practices that rely on the unchecked authority of founders, admins, or moderators, lacking even basic features of small-scale democracy. The purpose of CommunityRule is to help communities establish appropriate norms for decision-making, stewardship, and culture. This hands-on workshop will use CommunityRule to help participants assess their community’s current governance practices, and envision the kinds of governance they would like to adopt in the future. Whether your community is new or maturing, this workshop will help you think through how power flows in constructive, creative ways.

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