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Gain Exposure For Your Brand And Show Your Support For The Free And Open Source Community

Join us as a partner of FOSS Backstage 2023 and enjoy the many benefits a sponsorship has to offer:

Networking with peers, raise brand awareness, recruit new team members, get to know about the latest trends, developments and talking points in the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) world and support FOSS communities.

If you are interested in becoming our sponsor, media or event partner, please reach out to Paul at – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Why join?


others to adopt your best practices
your company with all the new ideas you take back
your community with the new approaches you have learned
yourself by learning from other people’s approaches, ideas, views

Learn about

leading a community of volunteers
legal aspects of FOSS such as license compliance
open source business models

Connect with

• the organizations behind FOSS projects
companies working in open source
people contributing to open source projects

Your benefits

FOSS Backstage is a unique conference covering topics originally from the tech world that pervade into many other
industries. Becoming a partner offers valuable opportunities to…

✓ … gain insights in the diverse communities
✓ … learn about new strategies and trends
✓ … position your company in front of community builders and tech leaders
✓ … network with international high-potential, project managers, developers, analysts and scientists involved in open source projects & communities
✓ … network with the communities
✓ … recruit new staff from a pool of excellent out of the box thinkers from a diverse background

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